As a freshly liberated community, the Israelites were beginning the process of discovering their identity as a people. One thing they understood is that the LORD was their God, and Moses was their leader. They knew when Moses spent time with God, instruction and wisdom from heaven would follow. Moses cultivated that intimacy with God in what was known as the “Tent of Meeting.” The entire Israelite community would stand back at the entrances of their own tents, watching Moses until he fully entered in (Exodus 33:7-8). They saw the cloud of God’s presence come down and hover over the entrance to the tent. I imagine that although the people may have been envious of Moses’ intimate relationship with God, they also were somewhat relieved he could stand in their place. They didn’t realize how much they were missing out on the joy, peace, confidence and courage that comes from such a place of intimacy with God.

It would not be until Jesus came on the scene, centuries later, that everyone would be invited from a place of standing at a distance from God, to a place of intimacy with God. And I believe that now, more than ever, our church is in a season of God calling us from a place of standing alone on the outside to standing together on the inside. I believe this spiritual reality should be reflected not only in our hearts as we worship, but also in our physical place of worship.

Therefore, the time has come to finish the construction of our Worship Center. This project would include reorienting the room by moving the stage to the wall underneath the windows. This new configuration will improve the quality of the congregation’s experience, allowing everyone (regardless of where they are seated), to be more immersed in the Spirit’s flow through sight and sound coming from the stage. Above all, it reflects our heart’s desire to build an environment of greater intimacy, both with God and each other.

Hope Initiative is a recurring opportunity we present to our church to raise awareness and support for such projects. We employed this for previous projects such as the remodeling of our building exterior and property two years ago. This time, we are inviting 200 families to partner with us, contributing $800 each. With the $160,000 we raise, we will be able to not only finish the construction of our Worship Center (which will include much needed storage/classroom space), but also put the finishing touches on the lobby and the NextGen Rooms. We are hoping to raise the funds quickly, so we can begin the 3 to 4-week construction project. Please prayerfully consider your contribution and learn more this Sunday!

As always, thank you for your partnership in God’s Kingdom!