Bryan & Nicole Finley Senior Leaders

Having been the Senior Leaders at Hope Chapel for over six years, Bryan and Nicole continue to help believers be equipped to continue the one of a kind supernatural ministry of Jesus in their everyday lives. Hope Chapel is working to cultivate an environment where the kingdom of God is welcomed in its fullness, so that everyone may experience heaven on earth.

In recent years, Bryan and Nicole have come to understand their callings and service to the body of Christ, as apostolic leaders with a passion for intercessory prayer. Their clarity about their own ministry brings greater openness in our church to recognize and receive the unique ministry of men and women alike, which includes equipping ministries such as: apostles, prophets, evangelists, teachers and pastors.

Strong in their relationship with each other, and the Lord, Bryan and Nicole work together to receive from heaven the Father’s will, desire and purpose for not only our church, but surrounding regions throughout the Carolinas. Their heart is to always seek out ways to inspire and equip people to step into their callings both inside and beyond our own church. You can learn more about these partnerships by clicking here

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Meet the Team

  • Rob & Joanna Watson
    Rob & Joanna Watson Worship Directors

  • Michael & Nakisha Wenzel
    Michael & Nakisha Wenzel Connections/Care Director, Student Director
  • Theresa DeFreece
    Theresa DeFreece Finance Director

  • Tina Fowler
    Tina Fowler Missions/Outreach Director

  • Mary-Beth Roden
    Mary-Beth Roden Hope Littles Director

  • Caleb and Sarah Thomas
    Caleb and Sarah Thomas Hope Kids Directors

  • Worth Fitts
    Worth Fitts Worship/Production

  • Robbie Brown
    Robbie Brown Worship/Music

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